presentations and workshops

Mary Ann offers one-hour presentations for in-service trainings in skilled nursing, assisted living, home care agencies as well as other communities and agencies.

She also offers 2- hour, half day, and full day workshops.

Though all of her presentations are drawn from her new book, Creating a Rich and Meaningful Life in Long-Term Care, each one is individualized to the meet the needs and interests of the community.

Some topics have included one or more of the following:

· Healing: Connecting through Touch

· The Power of Purpose: Discovering Inner Meaning and Joy

· Massage and Other Healing Therapies in Care Planning

· Enhancing the Quality of Life for Someone Living with Alzheimer’s: Tips for Caregivers

· Working with Mindfulness, Presence, and Love

· SEEING ANEW: Shifting our perspective

· Helping a Loved One Make the Transition into Long-Term Care 

· Activities that Engage, Enrich, and Bring Purpose 

· Vital Tips for Caregivers: Self-Care

· Acupressure Points for Pain Management

If you would like Mary Ann to speak at your community, she can be reached at (925) 405-7740 or by email at



"Mary Ann’s commitment, vitality, knowledge, and storytelling puts her over the top....She can wow an audiance of any size, anywhere with her contagious excitement..... " -- Marty Potrop, M.S.W.


“We were pleased to have Mary Ann Konarzewski speak at our recent Contra Costa Alzheimer Network meeting. Mary Ann explained what healing touch is and how it can be used for elders living with medical conditions requiring specialized care. Her stories were compelling and captivating. Mary Ann educated all of us to the value of touch to ease symptoms of physical ailments. I would recommend Mary Ann as a speaker for any caregiver, be it family or community. We all have so much to learn!!”

Judy Vared, Senior Consultant, Senior Care Network 

“Mary Ann Konarzewski is a captivating and effective speaker who expresses her professional experiences through an enticing and meaningful narrative.”—Dee Madnick, MA, Home Care Social Worker, Jewish Family and Community Services


  "Mary Ann Konarzewski is an effective public speaker.  She has a talent for keeping the audience engaged, interested and attentive. We experienced her skills during her recent book tour, where she spoke with clarity and eloquence about her new book.  The topic of her talk was timely and she displayed enthusiasm and passion for the topic of aging and the enormous potential this area holds for our society.
Much of the talk was extemporaneous, and she demonstrated a facility for speaking off the cuff, and being able to keep the threads of her thoughts clear and interesting. During the question and answer period she responded to questions in a way that drew the whole audience in. She is an excellent public speaker."
                            -Martin Gross

Mary Ann Konarzewski is an engaging, passionate speaker whose wisdom and experience cannot fail to inspire and inform others in how to bring greater love, presence and meaning to relating and caring for elders.   Ms. Konarzewski is warm, insightful, and brimming with wonderful stories to share.  

                          --Colette de Gagnier

Mary Ann Konarzewski is an excellent presenter, immediately engaging her audience. Her compassion and love for her elderly clients shine through in her moving stories and in every word she speaks. 

                  --Ralph Dranow

"I recently had the pleasure of attending an author talk by Mary Ann Konarzewski. I was struck by her eloquent, poised, and confident delivery, as well as her expertise in the subject matter. The passion and soulfulness in Mary Ann's speaking style created a compelling presentation, which kept the audience riveted. She engaged very warmly with the attendees and responded to their questions in a thoughtful, respectful, and thorough manner. This was a most inspiring and memorable author event. Mary Ann was a lovely presence."  --Jyl Cohen