Engage & Enrich

I use the creative arts and other social and recreational modalities in a highly individualized way to meet the needs of each client. 

My goal as an activities therapist  is to: 


· Support social engagement and connection  

· Renew sense of purpose and dignity

 · Encourage self-confidence and boost self-esteem

 · Promote vitality and well-being

 · Restore and strengthen meaning in life

 · Inspire and uplift 

· Nurture creative expression 

· Provide opportunities for self-reflection 

· Cultivate moments of joy

 · Explore intellectual interests and personal hobbies 

 · Recover cherished memories 

 · Provide respite for family members    

Some examples of the types of activities I use are: 

  • Self-expression through poetry writing
  • Life review and memoir writing
  • Story telling
  • Water color painting 
  • Collage making
  • Gratitude practice
  • Creating mandalas
  • Engaging with nature
  • Engaging with art
  • Reading and discussing treasured books
  • Music and aromatherapy for relaxation
  • Bird watching and listening
  • World travel and exploration (arm-chair)

For family and professional caregivers interested in consultation services please click  here.

Workshop and Presentions

I faciliate workshops for elders in long-term care communities, as well as for staff.  For more information please click here.

I am also a certified massage therapist and can provide these services as well. For more information, please click here.