About the Practitioner 

Mary Ann has been an activities therapist for nearly two decades. She is an award-winning author of the book Creating a Rich and Meaningful Life in Long-Term Care (Apocryphile Press, 2017)  In addition to her private practice, she has worked as an activity director and in social service at various skilled nursing communities, including St. Paul's Towers, Salem Lutheran, and the Reutlinger. Many of her clients have Alzheimer’s, Lewy Bodies, and other forms of dementia. Other clients struggle with depression, loss, loneliness, and isolation.    

How she works, her mission, and philosophy   

Her mission is to discover the sparks within each person that will inspire, uplift, renew, and strengthen meaning in life.  Every client is unique, and each program she creates is highly individualized. She seeks to make each individual feel valued, heard, and honored. With a nurturing heart and playfully creative spirit, she brings joy, patience, and presence to her work. She also believes in the healing power of nature, creative expression, laughter, and love. 

 On A Personal Note 

Mary Ann is a world traveler, published poet and writer, artist, gardener, lover of animals and nature, and a voracious reader. She is also a certified massage therapist with an ongoing interest in the healing arts. She is part of the wellness program at Atria Valley View, Byron Park and Moraga Post-Acute Care. She has a B.A. in the Humanities with a special focus in German Literature and Indian  Philosophy and Religions.