"Mary Ann and the skill she offers is the essence of professional, therapeutic, kind, gentle, and compassionate.  She is skilled in caring for people that are well, but is very gifted as well in the care of older adults, anyone with an illness (acute or chronic) and exhibits great sensitivity and awareness in the situation she is presented with.  Mary Ann offers both touch and activity therapy and I can honestly say she impacts significantly the outcomes of our patients and offers beneficial information as a multi-disciplinary member of the care team and overall care of any patient or individual."

                    ---Laura Benn, RN CCRN CCM , Founder/President of Guided HealthCARE

“Mary Ann is absolutely wonderful, and I am thankful for all she has done for my father. She really took the time to get to know my father at a deep level in a way that no one else would have. The way she has honored him by celebrating his life and his art has not only given him great joy, but has given him his dignity and confidence back. She always went out of her way to arrange programs for him that were meaningful; programs that kept him engaged, stimulated, and inspired.”-- Naomi Simon   

 "I will always be grateful for the care and kindness that Mary Ann brought to my mother. She has given her great joy and has added many years to her life."--Sara H.     

"Mary Ann provided comfort and relief in an otherwise challenging atmosphere. She is competent, caring, compassionate, friendly, and helpful. I would recommend her highly without any hesitation!"-- Mitch Levine     

 “My mom was ultimately extremely fragile, both physically and mentally. Despite this challenge Mary Ann was enterprising enough to keep her engaged, stimulated, and inspired. She addressed my mom’s needs with knowledge, good nature and communicated her concerns to me and always acted reliably and compassionately. I would recommend her highly.”--Candace Kling           

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